Personalized Cookbook – The Recipe For a Successful Fundraiser

The recipe for a successful fundraiser is personalized cookbooks. (Yes, the pun was intended.) It’s true, though. For years, organizations, clubs, schools and charities have sold professional looking family cookbooks filled with cherished recipes from their members, friends and neighbors. I can personally vouch for the popularity of the cookbooks. A small fraternal group to which I belong created just such a cookbook, and each year we order more copies and sell each one. The demand seems to remain the same.

How To Create A Cookbook

The process is simple once you find a reputable cookbook publisher. The publisher should provide guidelines for you. They will suggest the number of recipes needed, in10sityfitnessunited provide examples for different layouts and styles, as well as advertising and marketing tips. The guide for one of the most popular cookbook publishers is categorized like this:

· Form Your Cookbook Committee
· Gather & Organize Your Recipes
· Design Your Cookbook
· Sell Advertising · Place Your Order
· Market Your Cookbooks

As you can see, they will walk you through the entire process if needed.

Will They Sell?

You don’t need to worry about an over saturated market, either. Historically, people will buy a quality personalized cookbook simply because it is for a good cause…but that’s not the only attraction. The added value is the fact that it will contain the “secret” and prized recipes from real people who live in the same community. Some of the cookbooks will end up being family heirlooms to be passed on to the next generation. My grandmother passed her cookbooks on to my sister. Inside were notes that my grandmother had made, additions and changes, and even a few notes about funny things that happened while she was working in the kitchen. We had no idea she had written in the cookbook, but it made it a very personal reminder of her.

The success of the cookbook is based upon the unique collection of recipes submitted by your community’s cooks. It simply makes sense. Your recipes will reflect the culinary taste of that region. You just won’t sell many cookbooks in western Kansas if it is packed with recipes from the northeast, like lobster and clam chowder. I have nothing against lobster or clam chowder, but it just isn’t that popular here in Kansas. We eat meat and potatoes here. Start gathering recipes from all the folks you know and contact a quality cookbook publisher. Get started raising money for your organization today.

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