How to Rosin a Violin Bow the Easy Way

Applying rosin to your violin bow is a very important part of learning to play the violin. Why, you might ask? Well without the rosin there would not be any music. Also without the correct rosin, you could possibly ruin your violin bow. In extreme cases, you could even wreck your violin completely.

First off, let’s talk about rosin. There are two kinds of rosin. The first is dark rosin or often called winter rosin. This is softer, stickier rosin that is suited for drier, cooler climates. The second is light rosin which is harder and not as sticky. This one is suited for warmer climates. Before choosing the rosin, make sure that you know how the climate is in your area. Not to hard is it? Rosin comes in a variety of colors and different brands. You can go ahead and experiment until you find the one that is suited to your lamy violin bow liking. If you have questions, your instructor can help you with this.

Now that you know about rosin, you need to apply it to your violin. You need to take the rosin and glide it up and down your bow about eight to ten times. This should be done about every four or five times you play your violin. The more you learn to play the violin, the more natural this will come to you.

To have a beautiful melody while playing the violin, make sure you have applied the rosin. Take into account the climate that you are in and how often you play. Part of success is taking care of the instruments that you use.


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