Four Tips To Learn The Violin Effectively

Many of us may have been keen to learn the violin for a long time, but hesitate to learn it as we may feel that we cannot master it. We may go to a concert and see the accomplished professional violinists play and think that we can never be half as good as them. Well this is certainly not true. Let me share with you three tips to learn the violin quickly.

First Tip

Overcome your intimidation of learning and playing the violin. Imagine that it is a fun activity, that you are picking up this skill so you can relax at the end of a long work or school day. Do not stress yourself up over taking qualification exams in violin. After all, what use is a paper qualification if you do not enjoy the process of learning the violin?

Imagine that mastering the violin is not any more difficult than playing a toy instrument or a fiddle. Once you overcome this hurdle, you will find that mastering the violin is much easier.

Second tip:

Find a good violin to practice on. Go to your local music instrument dealer and test play the violins they have available, across all price range. It does not matter that you do not know how to play to begin with. You just need the sales person at the store to show you how to Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin properly hold a violin bow, and how to hold the violin and start bowing. Use your sense of hearing to determine the tone of each violin. Do you personally like hard or smooth tone? Do you have a preference if the violin is a certain finishing? All these questions need to be answered in your quest to select your violin.

Third tip:

Start sourcing around for a good violin teacher who is qualified. You may approach your local music school or ask your acquaintances if they can recommend any good violin teacher. Usually you can narrow down your list to three violin teacher. Then you may wish to contact them and find out if they can share with you their teaching and playing style. Ask around to get a second opinion on whether the teacher has students who have been with them for many years. This usually signals that the teacher is a dedicated and responsible person.

Fourth tip:

Once you start your first violin lesson, you need to devote at least half an hour a day to practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. When you are practicing, try as much as possible to recognize the music notes and how they relate to you playing the violin.

So there you have it, four tips to effectively learn the violin. So I encourage you to take the first step out and contact your local music store and music school to source for your violin and teacher.

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