Detoxifying the Liver – With Fresh Foods!

The police station of your body – Ultimate defence organ… the liver! (Look after it).
A brief summary of the liver’s functions follows, but remember there are more than 500 functions:
o processing digested food from the intestine
o controlling levels of fats, amino acids and glucose in the blood
o combating infections in the body
o clearing the blood of particles and infections including bacteria
o neutralising and destroying drugs and toxins
o manufacturing bile
o storing iron, vitamins and other essential chemicals
o breaking down food and turning it into energy
o manufacturing, breaking down and regulating numerous hormones including sex hormones
o making enzymes and proteins which are responsible for most chemical reactions in the body, for example those involved in blood clotting and repair of damaged tissues.

If you feel that your liver needs a kick-start and could do with a helping hand, then try and include the following fruits and vegetables as often as you can into your already varied, healthy diet!

Along with Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and watercress, broccoli contains super nutrients that boost a liver enzyme called known as glutathione. Glutathione helps your liver to detox heavy metals and pesticides by attaching itself to the toxic compound, which makes them safe and then carries them out of your body in your urine and stools. Glutathione is also a strong antioxidant that protects the liver from damage as it processes toxins and pollutants.

A real super food – not just for your liver…This is one of the few garden cup foods to contain ‘read-made’ glutathione and is excellent on the detox plan. Great for salads and use as a spread – or simply wolf it down raw!

Rich in silymarin, a super nutrient that increases the level of detox enzymes in the liver. They also contain cynarin, which increases production of bile and helps to carry excess cholesterol from the body.

Along with raspberries, black berries and cranberries, strawberries are great for ellagic acid. This is a super nutrient that produces liver detoxifying enzymes which attach to cancer causing toxins. In effect it handcuffs these toxins and escorts them out of the body.

Simply wonderful for everything! A super-super-super food…

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