Online Romance – A Numbers Game You Can Win

Eons ago I recall my mono-toned statistics professor made this pronouncement: “The majority of life’s problems are fundamentally about numbers.” Get the numbers wrong, you crash and burn. Get them right and you sail off happily into the sunset.

Sounds like an observation only an academic would say out loud; but he may have had a point. If we are to be successful in romance, maybe we need to take a more calculated look at the game.

First, let’s consider some numbers that will help us size up the playing field. 44% of adults are single according to the US census. So there are over a 100 million eligibles out there somewhere…that is, if you wish to keep your search domestic. There are 86 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women in the US. Sorry ladies…take this up with the creator. Only 9% of women and 2% of men say they found romance in a club or bar. Yes, the media has misled us.

For the more ambitious daters… there are 6.5 billion people in the world. About 10% of the world population is wired. Global Internet usage grows about 4% a year according to Nielsen. Sweden, Hong Kong the Netherlands and Australia are the most mature Internet markets in the world.

It would seem that with so many lonely hearts out there, finding a good match would require no more than a short game of spin the bottle. But alas, mature daters are seeking someone really special. Cyber forensics is a new discipline for the security minded users; but will surely have social engineering applications in the near future.

Our typical day does not leave time for love games. For most of us, life is a well orchestrated routine that changes very little. We spend on average about an hour a day just getting to and from work according to Gallup New Service. Many of us work well over 40 hours. Assuming that we sleep minimally 6-8 hours a night, and taking into consideration miscellaneous errands…we have precious little time to pursue romance.

So what are we to do? Many studies show that proximity is one of the key factors in making romantic connections. Noted sociologist Bossard completed a study in Philadelphia back in 1931 that showed that 40% of married couples lived within 10 blocks of each other. A similar study by Nahemow & Lawton in 1975 also showed that proximity is a powerful contributing factor to people developing serious relationships.

Could this mean that we are simply too busy, too lazy, or too mindless to broaden our scope? Proximity would seem to introduce a lot of randomness and not necessarily be a means for optimal matching. If we select our mates largely based on geographic convenience, what does this say about us? If pressed, I am sure most would say they would travel half way around the world for their “true love”; but would we…really?

Online dating has given us the ability to break out of this social habit. Now we can peruse people from various cultures and professional backgrounds with ease. This globalization of romance could truly be revolutionary. No longer do we have to settle for the confines of our profession or small town. Now we can raise the bar and fine tune our searches, as we explore a vast pool of potential matches.

This writer knows of many couples who found love abroad or in a distant state. I hasten to add, I know a cast of thousands that have found disappointment. C’est la Vie– finding love by any means can be a sobering experience for all of us.

My lucky cyber daters initiated this from the comfort of their home and didn’t have to spend a dime on travel, dinner or anything. Their only investment was time…lots of time. But the time was negotiated so that they could fit romance into their hectic lives. Many distant lovers say that unlike traditional dating, the distance forced them to talk and explore thoroughly before they met. So when they finally got together, there was no awkwardness or feelings of rushing into anything.

Cheap long distance calling coupled with digital dating is quite different sex positions convenient for die-hard romantics who will go to the ends of the earth to find their true love. Mature daters tend to be more considered and attentive to details when pursuing their romantic agenda; so shopping around comes natural to them.

There are plenty of fish in the sea as one mega site suggest; but when you are seeking a pearl, the best strategy for success is maximum exposure/exploration. The expansive power of technology can be extremely empowering if used in a sophisticated manner. So–go ahead, cast your cyber net and eventually you will stumble upon the Right One.

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