Meeting Facilitators and Why Businesses Invest in Them

Resulting from an economic state which continues to produce historically low revenues for businesses among all industries, the true value of facilitators is often questioned. Corporations feel pressured to thoroughly analyze every cost for survival purposes, including meetings, making budget cuts for any paid services that are easily substituted in-house. What corporations fail to realize is that the specific facilitation strategies used by professionals are not easily replicated. In addition, the costs of unproductive attempts to provide the services meeting facilitators specialize in are ultimately putting businesses in more debt than the initial hiring fee they so desperately tried to avoid. Identifying factors that contribute to unproductive employee group sessions will be an excellent way to determine if you are being cautious with your money, or just plain careless with your business. HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL

Track Record

Unproductive meetings are described as failing to accomplish objectives or not producing desired results. Corporations that calculate the amount of meetings held, the number of employees present, the length of time involved, the amount of preparation required, and the goals proposed in one year’s time are encouraged to do the math. How does the cost of salary time compare to profits that were earned as a direct result of those sessions? When corporations continue to show a bad track record of group discussions that do not improve financial stability, they are putting the business at risk every time they fill the board room.

Employee Receptiveness

When employees are not receptive to the group, a number of reasons are to blame. Staff members who are familiar with a bad track record may feel that the conferences they are required to attend never solve problems or improve situations, so they are commonly viewed as a waste of time or unworthy of intellectual investment. Employees are increasingly stretched thin to compensate for budget cuts, with excessive amounts of work to do in very limited amounts of time. When executives take workers away from their daily routine only to waste time, fail to reach a decision, or discuss matters that are completely irrelevant to their position, it is considered an interruption, and a rude one at that. Employees still have to make up for the loss of time by playing catch-up with their workload after the session is over, which makes a negative or apathetic attitude toward group discussions somewhat understandable when they continue to show no signs of real change. Executives witnessing any signs of declining motivation, participation, creative input, or overall professionalism among participants are encouraged to read them as warnings and take action. Disgruntled, bored, or unappreciated employees are dangerous for any business. Although they may not necessarily cause intentional harm or recklessly sabotage an enterprise, discouraged employees do not take pride in their work, and they are not motivated to go above and beyond for their company. High turn-over rates and a significant loss of productivity are the end results of pointless and excessive meetings in the workplace.

Gaining Control

Professional meeting facilitators are experienced, knowledgeable, and fully prepared to address any reasons that are hurting a company’s potential productivity. Meeting facilitators work hand-in-hand with executive supervisors to discover their unique leadership strengths and weaknesses, applying them in ways that are proven to significantly enhance operations. Facilitation strategies are the most professionally advanced skills and tools used to educate executives, motivate employees, resolve internal conflicts, promote teamwork, and ultimately boost productivity. The cost of recruiting meeting facilitators pays for itself, compared to the amount of profit loss that is expected for corporations holding regularly unproductive meetings.



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